Dreamy Love

Just wanted to take the opportunity to say… “I am in love with my business cards!” As a designer, it’s always so special creating a beautiful embossed piece of print. The fact that it’s for my business cards makes it even dreamier (insert smiley face here).

Powered by the Sun

Austria Solar Annual Report, the first annual report powered by the sun. Its content remains invisible until sunlight falls on its pages.

New York Times Infographic

I fancy an infograph

As a designer, there’s a wee part of our personalities (sometimes more) that indicate some mild traces of OCD. We have that eye for detail and an obsession for achieving perfection. So it’s no surprise that the challenge of crafting an infograph gets us a little excited! Infographs are the perfect example of where creativity meets functionality and where values meet graphics. To create a sexy infograph is honestly a rock-star moment and hours can go by when attempting to achieve such a feat. Well, for me anyway…

The Design Surgery have created a series of infographs / dash boards / data visualisation for Racontour, a weekly 16-20 page special interest report supplement featured in The Times newspaper.

Rock ‘n’ Roll! I’m a big fan of DS and a good infograph too.

I heart typography

This cool piece of typography caught my eye whilst perusing the line up for this year’s Semi-permanent conference.

I’m always on the hunt for inspiring type and Luca Ionescu from Likemindedstudio has a style to impress! With a beautiful illustrative technique ranging from industrial to skater art he’ll no doubt be the speaker to watch at SP 2012.


Portraits of Love

App Time

I’ve recently jumped on the Instagram band wagon and I’m certainly enjoying the ride! One quick snap from my iPhone is transformed in seconds into an old school polaroid moment. Loving it! With more filters added each app update, the effects keep getting better!

In honour of Valentines day I’ve taken on this week’s HashTag Project #portraitsoflove K-time (Bali)

Not sure I’ll be getting that old polaroid camera of my parents fixed after all…

G’n’T! It’s time to celebrate!

The moment has arrived for me to officially launch my website kellyorourkedesign.com

There’s a bunch of creative projects to check out ranging from brand identity, print, publishing and web design (to name a few) so please take a peek!

If there’s something that takes you fancy please let me know by making a comment!

I’ll be posting inspirational finds on my blog and updating my folio as frequently as possible so watch this space for fabulous things to come…

Happy days!