A treat for the Design Geek

I’m SO excited about the next special edition of  IDN magazine. Designing Data – The Infographics Issue. I need to get my hands on one ASAP! This edition is filled to the brim with inspiring examples for designing data.

Infographics or information graphics are visual representations of information, data or knowledge. They are often used when complex information needs to be presented as quickly and effectively as possible, such as signs and maps. Infographics can be as simple as a bar chart or a pie graph to represent percentages in business information; or as elaborative as some of the examples in this book to communicate stories in newspapers and magazine.

Infograph (Basics)

Here’s an example of an infograph I create recently. An infograph in it’s most basic form – but fun to do nonetheless.

New York Times Infographic

I fancy an infograph

As a designer, there’s a wee part of our personalities (sometimes more) that indicate some mild traces of OCD. We have that eye for detail and an obsession for achieving perfection. So it’s no surprise that the challenge of crafting an infograph gets us a little excited! Infographs are the perfect example of where creativity meets functionality and where values meet graphics. To create a sexy infograph is honestly a rock-star moment and hours can go by when attempting to achieve such a feat. Well, for me anyway…

The Design Surgery have created a series of infographs / dash boards / data visualisation for Racontour, a weekly 16-20 page special interest report supplement featured in The Times newspaper.

Rock ‘n’ Roll! I’m a big fan of DS and a good infograph too.